Fall 2023

- Resources for Dealing with Violent or Threatening Owners.

- Maintaining Ongoing Informed Consent.

- News: Anatomy of a Complaint Relaunch, Regulation Workshop, and CE Updates.

Spring 2023

- Tips for Medical Record Compliance

- ACVR Issues Ultrasound Consensus

- Reminders for 2023 Renewal and CE

November 2022

- The Importance of the Necropsy

- FDA Compounding Guidelines

- CPR Resources and Handouts

October 2022

- Best Practices when Firing a Client

- Prescribing Meloxicam with Proper Informed Consent

August 2022

- Physical Exam Best Practices

- Radiology Standard of Care Guide

- 2022 AAHA and AFP Antimicrobial Stewardship Guidelines

- Parasite Forecast 2022

February 2022

- 2021 Legislative Session Update

- Discussion of Assembly Bill 200 and 101

August 2021

-Annual Renewal to Biannual Updates

-The Board's New Website

June 2021

- Veterinary Staffing Shortage and Burnout Discussion and Resources

- Alert regarding symptoms of non-viral hepatitis in pets ingesting alkaline water

September 2020

- Fire Season and Emergency Preparedness

August 2020

-Avoiding Thermal Injury for Surgical Patients

-COVID-19 Testing update in zoo animals

June 2020

- Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Report

- Reportable Disease Reminder

- Department of Agriculture new State Veterinarian 

May 2020

- Changes to CE requirements 

- COVID-19 Update and Communicating with Clients

April 2020

- Changes to Telemedicine and FDA Guidance 

- How to manage abandoned animals when no VCPR was established

- COVID-19 Update